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It's official, Bjørn won the Model X for Europe!

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Lucky him. The Email says, "A member of our Inside Sales team will reach out within the next two weeks to confirm your Model X order. They'll be able to answer any questions you might have about configuration and..."

I can think of a lot of questions I'd like answered...
That makes me happy. His videos have probably convinced more people of the real-world viability of Model S than anything else. I'm always frustrated when I read great reviews of the car because they often end with some non-sense about how it's uses are limited because you've got to charge on long trips. Bjørn's videos really show that, with minimal planning, this car is every bit at useable as a "fossil car" and much more enjoyable to drive. The best part is that he was doing it before the referral program came out and he will, I suspect, continue doing it now that the referral program is over. He wasn't doing it for a reward which makes it even cooler that he's being rewarded.