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iTunes Play list

I play songs on my iPhone via iTunes, vis BT to the car, where all my play lists are, but on the t3 screen it only lists the play list you are listening a track from, no others, which is annoying, as you have to use your phone to change playlist which you cannot while driving
Tesla haven't implemented Apple CarPlay into their cars (I assume they don't want to let Apple into their system), so you can't fully control your music on an iOS device using the Tesla's system. In other cars you have more control over Bluetooth, but apparently Teslas have a older, more basic version of Bluetooth in them.

For full control your only options are Spotify that's built in, or using a USB stick of music.
Doesn't work with spotify either for what its worth, but the v10 release notes suggest that you can browse playlists under some conditions, whatever they may be.
I believe the only way you have full control of Spotify on an iOS device in a car is by using Apple CarPlay if available on the car.

I have Spotify on my iPhone in my current ICE car which doesn't have CarPlay - it sends the audio via bluetooth with basic controls (next/previous, pause etc), but no way to browse through the library or playlists or anything, so any song selection etc has to be done on the phone.

I can, however, have full control of music that's physically on the iPhone (in my Music app), via Bluetooth on my current car. So the technology to do this with iOS devices is actually there, but Tesla don't want you to do it.

Ironically Tesla are being like Apple in terms of they want you to buy into their way of doing things, and by doing so, blocking Apple features available on many other cheaper cars...lol
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I agree ^^^^ previous cars back 10 year nearly has that control with just BT, it is something that Tesla did not want to add for some reason.

There seems to be a few things Tesla do not want to add for some unknown reasons.
Certainly USB stick works well, not sure if you can make play lists, but it is a lot of work to make up a load of music on sticks to play the music you want that can be made up as a play list on iTunes.
Spotify does not do it for me.
Thanks for replies all