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Jack Rickard video: Tesla Model 3 Battery Removal and Dissasembly

Jack Rickards: "This (the Model 3 Battery Pack) is the latest technology in batteries. I would venture that no one; not Volkswagen, not BMW, not Chevrolet, has anything that can approach it. This is probably the finest battery in the world."

first time around on best battery was around around 1:05:00 (1:09:00 for the main statement but it builds from a few minutes before that).

There's even a dig at Munro near the end (around 1:23:00)
Somebody should give the Weber State guys a car to take apart. The bolt videos that they did were fabulous....a video dissertation. Lots of coolant lines hanging from the bottom of that Model 3 vs the Bolt's source/return line to the battery pack. Would have been nice to see where the Model 3 battery pack fasteners were accessed/located. On the Bolt...all fasteners are from accessible from the bottom.

For reference...here is the Bolt disassembly video from the Weber State folks: