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Jan 2015 MS 60 vs 2018 MS D100 loaner - observations

When I got a 2017 MX 100D loaner last year I was underwhelmed compared to my (wife's) 2015 MS 60 RWD.

This time I have a 2018 MS 100D, and must say there are many noticeable refinements - shame I'm not in the market to trade-in yet - and a 100D is really not what we need.
  1. Acceleration is awesome of course - although it is skittish even in a straight line (torque steer) - this loaner does not appear to be in limited performance mode which all previous ones have been (think they are trying to sell it to me).
  2. AP appears to be at parity or better than my AP1 - first time I've seen that on a HW2/2.5 vehicle.
  3. Sensors obviously have longer range than my AP1.
  4. Noise dampening is noticeably better.
  5. Current seats are way better - if you like a snug fitt. I'm not a big guy, I can imagine these are a negative for people carrying more weight on a bigger frame. Might revisit upgrade (no longer available as a service from Tesla, but presumably possible with some effort).
  6. 17" display is very much faster than mine (screen refresh on turns, etc), and I believe faster than the one in the 2017 MX.
  7. Rear camera says on the spec. that is is HD - and certainly looks better than my (2nd gen) rear camera on the 2015.
  8. Ride is smoother than mine - probably just the tires and noise dampening both have air suspension.
  9. Regen braking much more effective - two motors of course.
  10. Cream interior is very nice - carpets were already looking ruined when I got it though!
  11. Center console is nice, probably my biggest bugbear with the 2015 which I may yet pay the price to upgrade.
  12. Refresh look has finally grown on me - I actively chose not to get it before.
Not sure any of the above is worth the 50K trade-in cost to upgrade though - actually I'm sure it's not, because I still enjoy the MS 60 every time I drive it. Both great cars (oh the loaner is in metallic blue - I really do love that color, though I love the midnight silver on ours too).

  1. Still cannot believe how much more energy the 100D uses to lug itself around town compared with the 60 - easily 20-60kWh worse consumption on an on-going basis (before the power tempts my right foot). I assume this is mainly the increased battery weight and a small amount of having to drive two motors. Wish Musk had delivered on swappable batteries to enjoy the economy most of the time, and be able to put a 'touring' battery on when a road trip beckoned.
  2. Small thing, but I like the disengage button on the CC/AP stick - miss it on the new models.
The refinements are now showing after 3 years IMO, whereas before I just saw bigger, faster motors - the production quality and refinements (at least of this unit) seems to be noticeably improved. That said, the front end has the air suspension rattle which ours certainly does not - but I'm sure they'll figure that out and get it fixed.


Active Member
Mar 21, 2017
D models are more efficient than RWD models. Your consumption observations have to be taken with a grain of salt because the are two separate vehicles. Before the RWD 75 was discontinued, I believe the 75D had 9 more EPA rated miles range than the regular 75, despite both having the same battery pack and the D-model weighing heavier due to having an extra motor.


Well-Known Member
Sep 30, 2015
Seattle area, WA
The higher power consumption could be the cost of enjoying the awesome acceleration. A while back my wife and I did a few trips driving both 2017 S75D (corked) and 2015 P85DL. On paper the S75D had higher rated miles. When driving together, one car following the other, mostly on highway, the energy consumption was almost identical (within 1%) over 60+ miles. Of course on those trips, we drove calmly well within the performance envelope of the S75D.

When driven the same way, I think most Model S cars will consume about the same energy. The small differences in weight will not show up much for regular driving. Now, spirited driving on the other hand can really show up in your energy usage (my highest consumption trip in P85D used 92% of SoC over 141 miles).


Active Member
Sep 5, 2013
Grapevine, TX
Timely thread. We have a 2013 P85+ and have had a 2012 P85 and a 2015 P85D loaner. In both of those, I noticed no material improvements in build quality or noise, ride, etc over our 2013. However, a few weeks ago we had a 100D (2018, Feb Build) and I would mirror all of your comments. It was the first loaner that I was sad to give back. The additional quiet wasn't just tires either has I have the later 19" slipstreams with the Goodyear Touring (with the foam) on my P85+ (admittedly, with 16K miles on them instead of 1200 like the loaner). It was also noticeably quicker than our P85+ - not a huge difference, but a difference nonetheless. Like you, however, I couldn't see dropping the HUGE coin for the delta. It's there...it's just not enough. I have to say, it did give me pause with regard to that Model 3 invite that's been sitting in my inbox for months.

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