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Joined the Tesla family! New (to us) 2016 Model S 75D Contactless Delivery Experience

I'm mostly a Reddit lurker, but recently found this forum has equal or greater discussions going on, so I'm posting here too.

Me and the wife are excited to finally be part of the Tesla family! We test drove a Model S 75D in late 2017, and was in love ever since. Spent the better part of the last 6-months staring at EV-CPO for "the one" to pop up. On Sunday 12/06/20, I saw that EV-CPO had listed a Pearl White 2016 Model S 75D for $38.8k. Equipped with AP2 w/ FSD, among other things. Our strike price was about $40k, so in our eyes, this was a steal. After talking through the pros and cons (prior accident "repaired to Tesla standards", 68k miles) with the wifey, we pulled the trigger and put the deposit down.

The car had been stored in Lathrop, CA, so I figured our wait wouldn't be too long (we're in Bay Area, CA). But it felt like an eternity at the time. By Tuesday 12/08/20, I had already gotten a text message to confirm a Friday 12/11/20 delivery at the Fremont Delivery Center.

Delivery day was done touchless/contactless style. I hadn't sent payment yet, as I wanted to see the car first (was paranoid that accident history would be horrendously obvious). We checked in with the staff member, and they gave us the paperwork packet along with the key fobs to inspect the car inside and out. Everything looked good (at the time. More on this later), so I sent payment, and signed off on the final paperwork. The car showed up in my Tesla app within minutes, and we headed home! It was a very uncomplicated process overall. There was another family there taking delivery of their Model X as well, and they asked lots of questions which the delivery adviser was happy to answer. Another guy showed up to take delivery of his P85D, and he must have prepaid ahead of time because I don't think he even spoke to the delivery adviser before driving off lol.

Some issues we noticed since delivery:

  1. Driver-side folding mirror doesn't work most of the time, and I have to push it in/out.

  2. Discoloration and unlit sections of the headlight DRL "eyelid"

  3. "Low Key Fob" battery alerts, despite swapping in two fresh CR2032 batteries. This fixed itself eventually.

  4. yellowing around infotainment screen

  5. charge port door sensor frequently reporting that it's open when it's not

  6. Error messages: "Vehicle may not restart" and "Acceleration and top speed reduced". This required a walk-in visit to the Berkeley Service Center. While the alerts were active, I had zero regen braking and acceleration power was limited to 100 Wh. They provided a rental Model S 75D, and finished working on the car in less than 24 hours. They replaced the electric battery heater under warranty. Car feels great again!
Fortunately, my used car sales advisor told me to let him know of any outstanding issues and he'd put it on a due bill for future fixing. Some due bill items were addressed during the visit for the two critical error messages (the easy stuff like the key fob battery and telling me my car can't be uncorked). The other items are going to be addressed at my next service visit (mirrors, headlights, FSD computer retrofit, screen yellowing, charge door sensor).

As a whole, I'm satisfied with how things turned out. The accident history stuff remains in the back of my mind, but not as prominent as it was in the beginning. Maybe that's part of the "price" of the cost savings over an equivalent "clean" car. The touchless experience was also an interesting but welcome modification, given the current state of the world. The entire delivery process probably took 15 minutes, 10 minutes of which we spent inspecting the car. I'm juiced to finally be behind the wheel of this amazing blend of technology and car, as well as be a part of the Tesla community!
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