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Journey to my MY

I’ve been meaning to write this up for a bit, just haven’t had the time until now. I’ve been watching Tesla from a distance over the past 8 years with the hope that I’d own one someday. I had other goals that needed to be tackled first though. Anyways, fast forward to March 2020 when COVID shifted me to working from home. Shortly after we sold our 26 ft. travel trailer, but decided to keep our gas-guzzling 2018 Nissan Armada because it was unique and very comfortable, albeit overkill for my wife’s around town driving. My car was a 2014 Nissan Altima that was seldom used over the next few months. In October it was decided that my work from home assignment was being made permanent.

After taking a few months to process things, I started dropping hints to my wife that we should get rid of both of our vehicles and get a Tesla Model Y. At first she thought I was crazy, then she slowly came around. In January 2021 we visited the Tesla store and did a test drive. For a few moments we considered giving the Model X a try. That idea was quickly dismissed because both of us preferred the overall look of the Model Y. We arranged for an overnight test drive the following weekend. This sealed the deal and also sold us on the white interior.

On January 21st we ordered our white on white Model Y Long Range with the black 20” wheels. One day later on January 2nd we were matched to a VIN in the 107xxx range. Since I still had to figure out the sale of both Nissans I let the sales advisor know I wasn’t quite ready. I really didn’t want to have 3 cars at once, especially since it can be a lengthy process to sell private party. I was also hoping to get heated steering wheel since both Nissans had it. Then on January 23rd my sales advisor called me with news that I had been matched to a VIN in the 112xxx range with a heated steering wheel. My pickup date was scheduled for January 30th, though a major winter storm was coming through the area early on in the preceding week it was expected that I would actually be able to pick up on February 3rd. This ended up being a classic under promise, over deliver type situation.

Throughout the week leading up to delivery I devised a plan to sell the Nissans private party and listed them. My back up plan was to sell the Armada to CarMax and take my time selling the Altima since I figured it would be easier. The Armada buy quote from CarMax was very generous, so I pulled the trigger and sold it to them on January 29th. I was officially down to 1 car…just not the right one, yet. The next morning on January 30th I received the call from Tesla that the car was ready to be picked up. I quickly loaded up the wife & kids and made a beeline for the Tesla store hardly able to contain my excitement. Upon arrival I was able to inspect the Model Y and accept the delivery. A very clean build with no visual defects to share, which was one of my bigger concerns. Drove it home with my wife following behind in the suddenly obsolete Altima. We named it Snoop-E because my wife & kids love Snoopy (helps it is white and black) with my added touch of '-E' because of the electric nature.

Then on February 12th I arranged to sell the Altima privately, although it required me to meet the buyer in central Illinois. No worry, the kids had Monday off school so we could also take our first road trip in the Tesla to St Louis after the sale. The sale went smoothly and we were officially down to owning just a single Tesla Model Y. I’ll make a separate thread about the rest of the road trip later on as I have quite the story to share about my first destination charger experience with videos that Sentry mode caught (assuming I can figure out how to get the videos from the device plugged into the USB port in the glovebox).

I’ve already purchased a full set of Tesmanian floor liners, matte black Tesmanian lip spoiler (will install when it gets warm), and the Abstract Ocean HD clear screen protector.

For charging I had a Gen 3 HPWC installed in my garage, which was super easy based on my panel location.

Could not be happier with the overall journey. In the future we may very well need another car. At that point I would love nothing more than for it to be another Tesla. Most likely candidate is a Model 3.

TL;DR Went from 2 ICE Nissans to LR Model Y. Not looking back. Happy.
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