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@joushep - I've watched several of your videos, and except for this one, I've enjoyed them and found them valuable. Unfortunately, this one bothers me so deeply, the net result is distaste and dislike for your body of work.

If this video apparently involved people that you were explaining autopilot to while simultaneously having them experience it doing things that cars can't do - like steer the car around a sweeping corner. Stop behind another car at a stop light. And more - I bet you have lots more ideas than I do - that'd be a marvelous video. And I believe you'll get a bunch of excellent reactions worth including in a video of people's first reactions to autopilot.

This though is a transparent attempt to create terror in other human beings by creating the belief that their life is about to end, and then capturing their reaction to that on video, for later display. This is not amusing. This is not similar to Ludicrous mode acceleration videos but different.

Reinforcing and playing on bad stereotypes of air headed women who are more concerned with their makeup than how many people they're going to kill while working on their makeup is also just .. I can't find the words to express how distasteful that is.

My suggestion and wish is that you delete this video, remove it from wherever you've posted it, and most importantly - track each of these people down and apologize to them for what you did to them.
A lot of weirdmobiles in that video. IMO, most were hideous, though one looked like an Impreza wagon or a Ford Focus which wasn't too bad. I believe the plan is to introduce the sedan first and the SUV/crossover/wagon later.
Sheesh, lighten up. I'm not sure tracking these people down and apologizing is necessary since they are all laughing at the end and were likely paid for their involvement in this video. And as for the stereotypes of women, I'd prefer not to comment without knowing what is culturally acceptable in Antalya, Turkey as opposed to Portland, Oregon.
I am more concerned that the video demonstrates an inappropriate level of complacency on the part of the driver, putting too much faith in the technology at this stage in it's development. Turning away from the road and using both hands to perform other tasks strikes me as reckless. I worry that Tesla Drivers with autopilot who are not prepared to promptly regain control will ultimately cause a collision and give this tech a bad reputation.
Chill out guys. There was a front seat passenger who was no doubt looking ahead and keeping alert. They had checked out this road before and knew the limits of the AP on it. I do agree that it gives people a skewed impression of the capabilities of AP, but come on, 99% of Hollywood movies do that on everything from skateboarding to rally car driving. This isn't anything unusual.