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Just brought her home - 21' M3P

New to the Tesla family.

Picked up a 2021 Model 3 Performance yesterday in Van, BC in white.

I have previously owned several modified Hellcats, a Viper T/A, a Trackhawk, a C7 Grand Sport and an Alfa Romeo Giulia QV for good measure. Honestly... up until yesterday/today....I thought I had driven fast. My Trackhawk could hit 3.3 kms 0-100 kms or the equiv in non metric.. 3.1 0-60 mph but to be fair, I had modified it lightly (wider tires, larger throttlebody, air intake etc) but these don't do much.

I didn't expect my cat to feel this fast. Shocked, excited. I can't stop driving to the store to get items, one at a time. 🤣 I don't expect my car to hit 3.1 like stats say, I ordered a dragy last night. Can't believe I never owned one prior. 🤦‍♂️

I have read poss about the Uberturbines being heavy and the Pirellis being.... well, Pirellis. PZeros have come stock on almost every car I have owned in the past 7 years. They are good but you're paying so much for marketing... so many other options offering better bang for the buck imo. The C7 came with Pilot Sports, and I am looking forward to putting 265/35/19's on my car on new wheels. Suggestions for someone wanting a decent wheel, lighter than Ubers and not costing a kidney?

Only issue thus far has been a small thing I knew to expect... no carplay. You really don't appreciate how much better it is at hanfs free txting until you are without. Small price to pay.

Any Carplay options that are easy? If you have any basic ownership tips for me, I'm interested!

My key cards arrived warped like a ripple potato chip. 🤔

This is my first Tesla other than the deposit on a Tri-motor Cybertruck I ordered when the reveal was on. #1940 if the reservation tracker is to believed so fingers crossed on that.


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ive had multiple twin turbo V8s, a pullied hellcat charger, 18psi twin turbo I6.... i currently have an 18:1 compression ratio Turbo diesel to satisfy my engine sound needs

the M3P is the most fun i have ever had...bar none... cant tell you why, its not just the acceleration in my opinion.

i put on a lighter combo on all four corners with 275/ 18 tires. more tread and less weight.
Welcome to Tesla Family.

Check out our Signature SV501 in 19x9.5 wit 265/35/19 square setup. Wheel weight at 19.6lb each. (vs 32lb OEM anchor)

Mike's Model3 - SV501 by Jamie Sig, 於 Flickr

Reed's Model 3 SV501 - Matte gunmetal by Jamie Sig, 於 Flickr

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I'm struggling between selling the uberturbines and getting 19" Martian MW03 wheels - I think the stock wheel looks so nice but I'm worried about getting a flat with the short tire sidewall + they're heavy!
We've done a lot of these "downsizes" already.

Forgestar 19" if you guys want to go bang for the buck.

We've done a lot of these "downsizes" already.

Forgestar 19" if you guys want to go bang for the buck.

I'm thinking that if I don't go the forged wheel route I'd do this wheel - but definitely leaning towards the Martians since it's low cost for light forged wheels AFAIK!
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Enjoy, there a decent warm weather car. But come cold weather around the freezing mark. Your gonna notice some major nerfing of power under 80%soc. It really takes the fun out of the performance. I'm hopeful tesla address the issue with the 2021 Panasonic batteries this winter. Otherwise, I think it's time to move on.