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Just Ordered a Model 3 in Palm Beach County, Florida - Intro

(note: few acronyms used here)

Hey Guys, Just ordered a Model 3 Performance in red with black interior. The test drive was amazing. I instantly liked the feel and power of the car. I thought I might miss the sound of the engine, but during the test drive, it was not a big deal.

Delivery is expected in June, 2021.

I'm also into Midcentury Modern design, so the minimalist design of the interior of the Model 3 is right up my alley.

I live in Jupiter, Florida - considered south Florida. The roads in Florida are straight and flat, but your car will never see snow or ice.

The new Tesla will replace my 2015 BMW M235i with manual transmission. I love this car, but it is time for a change. I'd love to keep the BMW, but I try not to accumulate things I don't use.

I moved from the Chicago area to Florida about seven years ago and life here is very good. I miss some of the culture and architecture of Chicago. My background is in online communications in the banking industry. I play a lot of tennis (Florida is good for that), listen to a lot of music of all types and collect vintage stereo.

So, that is the scoop. Below are photos of the Model 3 on order, and my current BMW and neighborhood here in Florida.




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