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Just pre-ordered a Model Y

I guess everyone else who pre-ordered a Model Y is in the same boat...you could have said the same for those who pre-ordered a Model 3...hindsight is 20/20. Just want to get in line before the rush.
Why didn’t you just buy $3200 in Tesla stock?

You just gave the company an interest free loan for an undetermined period of time. And you’re not getting your car any quicker.

So yeah, I would question what you just did too.

To each his own. Right now I wouldn't buy TSLA stock instead of the deposit $ because between now and the time the car comes out there is a good chance the investment will have gone down, not up if recent trends continue. And if you did that with you M3 deposit at $300+ per share you would have taken a total bath when you picked the car up. I waited nearly 2 years for my 2013 MS and have no regrets what so ever and that's all while thinking the stock was at $11 when I did my deposit and over $90 when I got the car. Its all relative and as said previously, hindsight is always 20/20.

We just put our pre-order in for a new LR RWD MY and we couldnt be happier. Just enjoy the feeling that soon enough you will have the best car of your life.
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I put my order in the day after V10 came out. I have a feeling the price of FSD will go up before the model Y comes out as well. Is it a bet, yes, is it guaranteed, no. Is it cool to have an investment in a car that is not yet built. Yep.

Did the model 3 reservation process suck for many people, yep. I am hoping that the process is smoother with the Y, but I understand that it might not reserve a spot in line for me either, but then again, it just might. :)
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Hello all, I also put down money for a LR RWD in MSM. With where the gas prices are now days and mentally ready to convert gas to electric, I'm okay with not waiting for a few production cycles like some had recommended. Don't time the market type of thinking :D

I spend on average around $80.00/week pumping premium fuel into my Volvo. (I drive 30,000miles a year) I’m also looking forward to paying $120.00/month in electric, or less since I can charge for free at my office when I’m there.
Anyone heard if Tesla will pull the same type of "only high priced versions sold first" type of deal with the Y? This link seems to suggest more of the same:
Here’s Everything We Know About the Tesla Model Y

Be interesting to see how well they meet demand building them in two factories, or if they go the Nintendo route and create artificial demand to spur record orders. IMHO this is a very important launch, esp. because the market appears to be leaning towards SUVs and away from sedans.

Devil's Advocate: If the Y launched before the Model 3, would we be seeing the record numbers of 3s being sold?
Yes. They already stated they are starting with Dual Motor and Dual Motor Performance. Premium package isn't an option on either of those, so that whole confusion is gone. The only real pricing option they are ignoring for the initial launch is the 7 seater version.

Yes I'd order the SR Y+7 seater version in a heartbeat, but alas I have to wait like I did for SR 3. I might a MR Y if they follow the same protocol as 3 depending on the price.

Any guesses for price for the SR Y+ 7 seater version?