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Key card problem

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Yesterday we took my M3 through a touchless car wash. Not the first time it has been through there and probably totally unrelated.

Now it won't let my wife in using her card but it will let her drive using her card.

My card works fine. Lets me in and I can drive.

Any ideas / suggestions / jokes?
delete the card and add it again?
Problem solved ( I think ).

Day before I had linked my card to my profile but hers wasn't linked.
So after we linked it, it worked fine.

Apparently if no profile is linked all profiles will work. But once you link one profile they all need to be linked. Strangely it let her drive the car, just wouldn't let her in. I just gave her my card and mission was accomplished.

Now both profiles are linked and everything seems to be working fine.
wait - if you don't have a driver profile linked to the card, it won't let you in?
When no profile was linked to a card, they both worked to get in and drive.

Once one profile was linked but the other wasn't it wouldn't let the unlinked profile in but, once in, it let that profile drive.

Kinda crazy.

But as soon as we linked her profile the problem went away.
So there is no longer any problem.