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Key Fob Setup

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Good evening all, I'm a new Model S owner and upon taking delivery, only one key fob was setup. I'm trying to figure out how to setup my wife's key fob with her driver profile. I couldn't find anything in the owner's manual (maybe I'm overlooking it). Also, it seemed strange that the delivery person said that my wife had to log into the tesla app on her phone with my exact same username and password. Is that correct? I've read other forums where people were saying that they tied their significant other's phones to their driver profile. If someone can help me by providing a link or instructions, I'd truly appreciate it.

...they tied their significant other's phones to their driver profile...

I don't think that's for S and X.

In Model 3, you can go to its screen and assign which fob, which card, which phone goes to which driver profile. And those can be programmed to work with multiple Model 3s, not just for 1 single Model 3.

For S and X, you can go to Driver Profile Settings to assign which fob goes to which driver. A fob can only be programmed to work with 1 S or X not multiple cars.

In this respect, the more expensive S and X are behind cheaper Model 3's technology.
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Thanks for the reply. So how do I link the 2nd key fob to my wife’s profile? Ideally, I’d like to have my wife’s key fob adjust seating, mirrors, etc when her key fob is detected and vice versa for me. Is this possible without having to switch profile via the touchscreen? Thanks!
If you Edit her profile in the driver profiles menu, you should be able to attach it to a key fob. You select that option, then place her fob in the center console area (make sure the other fob isn't nearby) and it will link it to it. When she gets in, it will set the profile to hers, and she can adjust (and then save) whatever settings she wants.

It still doesn't do a great job of deciding who the driver is if you both have your keys with you, in my experience. My old Ford and BMW both seemed to detect that whichever key is on the driver's side is the driver. My S seems to decide whichever fob it detected first is the driver and selects that profile.