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Killed my windshield wipers (frozen to windscreen when turned on)

I've got an early 2016 / pre-facelift 90D; have had it for almost 2 years now, but last year was a pretty mild winter.

I'm playing a game with myself -- "Can you go a month without charging it at home?" so far the answer is "yes, but it is tedious wasting time at the supercharger". So that's why I didn't just wake up and turn on the pre-heat an hour before driving the car.

So I cleaned off my car and my wife's car, chipped away whatever ice I could around the wipers (they were really frozen into their hiding place pretty good) and started driving.

After about 10 minutes of driving (with the windshield defroster on) it looked like they were pretty clear. I pushed the button on the stalk and ... nothing; the wipers wiggled around for a moment and then they stopped. And didn't start again.

The service center replaced the whole assembly (would have been $500) -- is the newer assembly more resistant to the totally forseeable "turn the wipers on when they can't move" situation?

The service center suggested rainx on the windscreen (and the car doors to make them easier to deice when frozen stuck; I've been using my library card...). Seems like I'd at least want to be super careful and take the wipers out of automatic if there's the chance they're iced over.

What's the hive mind say about this? (besides "you're a dope" which I'll own 9 days out of the week)...