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L2 charger fault question

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Feb 28, 2017
Ok, not really a question I’m expecting an answer for, but I’ll ask it anyway.

Recently a place near where I work installed some L2 legrand chargers. I went to try them out, and my X detects a grounding/cabling issue. The owners/operators are aware of the issue, but don’t know when it’ll get solved.

Is there a solution or idea I can pitch to them to try and fix this? It’d be REALLY handy to have those chargers working properly instead only partly working.
(They should put out 200v @ 30 amps, but only get 175v @ 22 amps)
I mean, I’ve had the same issue at Costco of Laval. It indicated that there was something wrong with the wiring and I ended getting that exact speed. The system indicates a fault so it slows down. Is it at Dalhousie Sexton?