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Lack of a Heads Up Display (HUD)

I had my heart set on buying a Tesla until I found out that there was no HUD. After using a rental a couple of years ago I decided that a HUD would be a requirement for any future vehicle I purchased. It is truly disappointing. I guess I'll have to settle for a Lincoln.

Musk's stance on having a HUD option in his vehicles reminds me of Steve Job's refusal to add a second mouse button. It seems it doesn't matter what the public wants.
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HUD is convenient (I have it on my X6M), but I would never consider it a deal-breaker from buying a Tesla!

There are so many other benefits to going EV/Tesla, it greatly overwhelms any desire to demand a HUD.

It could be years, or never, until Tesla puts in a HUD. I can't imagine foregoing driving a Tesla for several years just for that.
I guess it is good that I've had to rethink this. After reviewing the horrific maintenance issues, and realizing that with increased sales the issue is only going to get worse, I've decided to get something else. Maybe Tesla will have these issues sorted in a few more years.