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Lack of self control - Y purchased

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What capabilities does the Model Y have that helped you decide to switch from your current SR+ Model 3 to the SR Model Y? Was it the utility of the hatch, the factory tow hitch option or the optional 3rd row seating? For me it was the ease of entry and egress. My knees and back could not bend and contort to get into a Model 3 without protest.
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I can relate....I had a 2019 Model 3 SR+ for a year. I've been eyeing LR AWD cars because of the power and range, and I was also considering ordering a Y. Called the sales advisor I worked with asking if they had a Y available for test drive...15minutes later I'm hitting "buy now" button from an emailed link to a 2000 mile 2020 Model 3 LR AWD.

...and I need to stop looking at all of the Model Y threads before I do the same exact thing because that hatch-back style trunk space looks much more practical and nicer to have.
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My aching back and knees will appreciate slightly higher stance. I much prefer a hatchback config for ultimate flexibility, the fact that it's a power hatch scratches my geek factor even more. I like the blacked out trim, speaker horn and built in wireless charging instead of having to buy 3rd party solution. I was able to make the numbers work where my new loan will be 60 months instead of the original 72 month on the 3 with a payment within a few bucks of what it already is.

However to make that happen I gave up FSD. Of course I can always add it on the Y but my experience with FSD in the 3 made it pretty clear that at least at this point FSD is not worth 10K in my world. Sure it's fun to do little tricks like auto summon and auto parking but the truth is in my real life driving, the features in autopilot are all I use 95% of the time.
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Pretty much what happened to me, except I didn't have a Model 3 lol.

Was up all night with my dog's stomach issues... went down the Model Y youtube rabbit hole... Clicked "buy" expecting the 4-8 week delivery time as advertised... then they wanted me to pick up the car 2 days later LOL. The decision seems better the more I drive it!
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You had a lot of self control. You didn’t go myp.

I think you will find that the my feels slow. That was my feeling going from Sr+ to myawd

the myawd has a lot more room so I don’t regret it but just saying sayin when you punch it it don’t feel the same.
I went from just casually thinking about upgrading my Model 3 to a Y to hitting the BUY NOW button in a span of 24 hours. The 2K price drop sealed the deal as a divine sign from the Tesla Gods. This is how things go with me. Hoping to love the Y as much/more than I have loved my SR+

My story is similar - Decided that I need a car for my family after COVID made public transportation a health risk resulting in 6K worth of car rentals in 2020, originally I had my heart set on a BMW X3 until I started diving deeper into the benefits of an EV. Landed on the Model Y with the plan being to place the order in March. My obsession grew to the point that I started buying accessories, and when I got a notification that the elusive mud flaps were in stock I knew it was time to place my LR Model Y order... by the time I finished those mud flaps were out of stock again.

$40 mud flaps got me here, but I left with a mud streaked $60k car.
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