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Lambo CEO can't imagine e-supercars

That's a very narrowminded view in itself, go watch "The Fastest Car" on Netflix, they spend a whole season running Supercars against hand built dragsters with semi-famous owners including Zombie (electric datsun) and Abel from "Rob Dahm 4Rotor RX7 / former drag champion fame" in the end everyone gets beat by an unskilled driver in a Lambo - all the power in the world is useless if you can't get it down when you need too. (For the record, I don't think Tesla has this problem)

I am gonna assume you were in a rush and failed to get the point. I was comparing Lambo to the Tesla Roadster and the Rimac not to a motorized wheelbarrow.
Compared to proper supercars, Labo is nowhere. they don't have the power to weight ratio or the downforce to compete with a competent supercar. And that's ok, they are not aimed at that. That aside, I do like their active aero solutions, rather neat.
That's silly, that's the same argument that Rolex is dead because the Apple watch exists.

I’m NOT saying Lamborghini is dead. I like Lamborghini’s! They’ve got A LOT of character which I think will be very challenging for Tesla to match/exceed. I’m just saying that that I don’t consider Lamborghini’s “supercars” anymore. Not even the (upcoming) hybrid ones.

By my definition, any car that puffs, moans, grunts, snores and breathes heavily can no longer be considered a “supercar”. I think we should label them “retro classics” from now on... ;)
Funny, because just today I saw a video about Lambo's vision for a fully electric Lambo.

"Terzo Millennio" - skip the video to 12:20:

- They want to keep the car as flat as possible, so the driver will not sit on top of the battery
- They will use a gear box with several gears for better acceleration at higher speeds
- Dual motor (front/back) with 350 kwh each
- It is just a vision - not even a prototype - but it shows where the journey is going to.


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Feb 25, 2016
This is just like the laws-of-physics comment made by Daimler's truck company CEO. It sounds like both firms are struggling with the limitations of off-the-shelf battery technology and traditional cooling systems. Saying it can't be done is far less embarrassing than admitting your firm is five years behind because you weren't even willing to consider alternatives to internal combustion until dieselgate.

Less embarrassing.....until Tesla actually does it!


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Feb 25, 2016
It's my understanding that there is near universal agreement that the specs of the 2020 Roadster don't add up unless there is some new battery chemistry/technology being used.

Well... the driver of the Roadster all night long during the unveiling said that the numbers are probably understated. And the car performed well all evening doing launches for hours.
We'll just have to see what happens when the new Roadster (with SpaceX option) does finally get a run around the Nürburgring. I think it could break some records.

Speaking of breaking things, perhaps you kind souls would care to support one of the recent visitors to the ring who was unlucky enough to end up in hospital with his bike totalled and in need of shoulder surgery.

Auto Addiction channel who caught the event on camera, have put up a GoFundMe to help cover a few of the unlucky rider's extraneous costs. The ad revenue from the video also goes towards helping him, so give it a watch and a like!

NOTE: Footage shows Marcel hitting the barrier and bloodstained clothing.

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Misleading title, he's saying current battery tech (that's available to them) does not meet their specifications. Lamborghini has always been progressive with their technology, its not that they are against EVs.

Once videos of the Roadster crushing Lambos start to appear on youtube, I think they will quickly find batteries that will meet their specs...

It's my understanding that there is near universal agreement that the specs of the 2020 Roadster don't add up unless there is some new battery chemistry/technology being used.
Elon mentioned that next gen batteries wont use cobalt, guessing this is the next gen battery.


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May 3, 2017
The latter

Cycle life will suffer greatly

It will be years before Tesla use Cobalt free batteries

Panasonic have massive Cobalt code contracts till 2022
Keep in mind, the cars use NCA, and storage uses NMC. So Panasonic will need further Cobalt supply regardless of vehicle cobalt reduction.

Panasonic reduces Tesla’s cobalt consumption by 60% in 6 years ... | Benchmark Minerals

Given the accelerated life testing Dahn has developed, Tesla will be able to walk the line of minimal Cobalt and longevity. If Musk says the next generation batteries will be zero Cobalt, he likely has data to support that (or there will no next gen battery untill they develop a zero Cobalt version)

Tesla battery researcher unveils new chemistry to increase lifecycle at high voltage

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