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Lane Keep Assist stopped working

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I just took delivery of my Model 3 LR a week ago and on the drive home I tried out the lane keep assist feature (not in AP) by letting the car drift toward the center line and when it got too close a chime went off and I could tell the car self-corrected and got back near the center of the lane. Yesterday when I was driving on a two lane highway with well marked lines I started noticing if I drifted over near the double yellow line I didn't get a warning or correction. Then I intentionally steered over to the line and eventually well over it with no warning or correction. When I got home I reread the owners manual to make sure I understood how this feature was supposed to work and it clearly indicates the feature is always on unless you go to AP and turn it off. I checked my settings and all my safety features were turned on (blue dot all the way to the right).
When I was out driving again today I checked to see if it was working and still no action when I drive up to and over the center double yellow line, not even a warning chime. I stopped and did a soft reboot by pushing in the two scroll wheels until the screen went blank. When the computer rebooted still not working. I even stopped and turned off all the safety assist features and then turned them back on to no avail. Anyone have any ideas what might be going on? On these same roads I was able to use my cruise control and self steering with no problems.
Yes, I believe everything is calibrated as my AP and self steering work fine. Some responses from Tesla Owners Online have pointed out that the warnings and lane departure corrections won't always occur if the car does not detect another vehicle in the opposing lane. I re-read the section of the Owners Manual and they mention this under a section where they list the circumstances that lane departure assist might not activate.
If the car detects that you are actively steering to cross the line as you describe, the car assumes that you know what you are doing (i. e. avoiding a pothole or road debris or somesuch) and won't trigger LDA. If the drift is too fast laterally the car also seems to presume intent. I can reliably trigger LDA by steering the car into a slow drift and being sure to not torque the steering wheel as it nears the lane line. If you want to test this yourself, naturally, be sure to do it on a road clear of other traffic or, better, a private roadway.