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Las Vegas - 240V install pricing


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Jul 6, 2019
Las Vegas
Las Vegas members, what kind of pricing did you receive for getting 240V installed in the garage? I went through Tesla’s recommended installed and got a quote for $885.... this is only for a 14-50 outlet and the needed work for the panel/etc.

Anyone paying this much? I thought it would be much much cheaper. So much for fuel savings this first year.
Tesla is going to be expensive for this. Call a couple electricians, tell them you bought a used Nissan leaf, and you need to install a 240 plug.

I figured it might be a “Tesla tax” but was hoping for it not to be. I hit up a few electricians on Yelp asking for a 240 plug and they all quoted about $400-500 then the permit and inspection so it came out to about the same ~~$800. This company is probably going with was the only one able to schedule before 3-4wks out
I work in an electrical company... Are you in Vegas? A lot of costs come from where your breaker box is located in relation to where you want the outlet to be. My box is in the garage, outlet is 1ft away from it. Installation for something like that would be much cheaper than 800 or so you were quoted. If you want to give me more detail and get a quote - hit me up.
Tesla electricians have been higher than others.
$800 could be a lot or could be a steal, dependent on the installation requirements. If the panel is on the other side of the house, then it's probably a good deal. If the plug is going to be next to the panel, then it's not a good deal.
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I ended up with All Desert Electrical for $350, so much better than 120V!

That's a great price. My install in Vegas was $600 with the breaker box outside and the cable run through the attic to my garage. Positioned in the middle so charging both cars is doable.