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Las Vegas LINQ V3 Supercharger


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Apr 4, 2019
San Diego
Standard Range Plus charging @ 100kw V3 Supercharger at the LINQ Hotel & Casino.
Pain in the Aśś to get to due to construction on the main road.

Left Yermo Ca with 215 miles after visiting Eddie World and arrived LINQ Las Vegas with 45 miles to spare. Average speeds 80-90mph @ 261 Wh/mi. No Range Anxiety here.

Aero Hubs installed for this trip from San Diego.

By the way, it gets confusing trying to get past the turn style, you must tap on your Nav screen on the LINQ Supercharger so the box opens up that shows you how many chargers are in use, in the same box there’s a Code XXXX, you enter that code on the Keypad outside of your window then it will prompt you to press the button to extract the ticket and at that point the turn style lever will go up. I’ve had to help 2 people on how to get in already.

Have fun charging.. watching some Kauai videos on YouTube while I charge.

Did a little better than that on Wednesday and on Monday... ;)

Added 195 miles in 19 minutes. I ended up staying for 24 minutes for margin to get to Yermo. But it really makes no sense for this 250kW charger to be on the opposite side of the Strip from the freeway - it takes far too long to get to! It was 35 minutes off freeway to back on freeway - a full 11 minutes of overhead, which makes the 250kW nearly pointless. And that was on the way south. On the way north it took even longer than that since I arrived at 10AM and apparently hit morning rush hour.




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Agreed, it’s an odd place but this was majority a publicity stunt/ad for Tesla in general. Living in Vegas there are chargers but not spread equally and Very Strip oriented but space is at a premium for sure anywhere near the highway (I-15). There’s nothing on the North side of town at all.
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I was just down in Vegas, drove down from BC Canada, the only mildly anxious bit was in central Oregon where the mountains are steep and the superchargers are rare. Thankfully my hotel for that night had free L2 charging so it ended up being a non-issue, but I did roll up with only 5% range! Since I have a lowly SR+, the supercharger was limited to 100kW, but I still wanted to plug in to say I'd done it, so here is my obligatory shot of my Tesla getting some juice as we went on the high roller and by the time we got down in was around 95% done, pretty comparable to every other supercharging experience!

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