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Latch questions and problems

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I'm having trunk latch problems but I changed out the latch and the actuator but still the same problem (it won't lock or unlock). What module or action actually sends the signal to the latch actuator to cinch the latch down? That seems the ne the problem as the actuator never tries to cinch down despite being changed for a new unit.
Same problem here, however, doing some research and checks and have come up with the following.

Pin 5 and 6 on the black connector on the Liftgate module supply current to cinch the lock and firmly close the tailgate.

On my cinch actuator the motor was stuck / damaged so I took it apart and cleaned and tested with 3v and saw it move again.

There is no intelligence in the actuator. All is controled by the module that I have ordered now from eBay to hopefully get my truck cinched again.

My thoughts are that the motor wore out and caused damage to the module that will now not send power anymore.

To be continued...


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