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Late 2013 Model S P85+ with low mileage and CPO Warranty - Wrapped in satin dark gray!

$118,420 original sale price!!!
Only 38,xxx miles (driven daily) and still under full CPO warranty

If you can't live without autopilot or premium sound system, this is not the car for you. If you love to drive, like the idea of 0-60 in 4.2 seconds, and don’t want your car to look exactly like everyone else’s, keep reading.

Meet Morpheus. Morpheus was born in November, 2013. Originally multi-coat red, this car was fully wrapped with a $4600 dark gray satin wrap by the previous owner a little over 2 years ago, after he bought it from Tesla as a CPO. The original paint is protected under the wrap. I was assured that the original paint is perfect, but I cannot prove this. I added several carbon fiber accents over some of the chrome areas recently, because I couldn’t stand the fingerprints on the door handles and liked the look so much, I kept adding more and more. Don’t like the carbon fiber look? Peel them off. Problem solved.

WARRANTY: Morpheus has a full CPO warranty through 59k miles or September, 2019, whichever comes first. There is an 8 year (late 2021), unlimited mile warranty for the battery as well.

-FREE Supercharging for Life!
-Performance Package
-Smart Air Suspension
-Glass Panoramic Roof
-Tech Package, including navigation system, keyless entry, self-presenting door handles, LED cornering headlights, power rear liftgate, convenience lighting, driver profiles, Homelink for garage door opening/closing, additional chrome accents, and more
-Fog Lamps
-Cold Weather Package
-Tan Leather Seats
-Obeche Wood Matte Décor
-High Powered Home Charging Capability
-Parking Sensors

PERFORMANCE: While not P100D performance, 0-60 in 4.2 seconds is plenty fast enough to feel the G forces in your gut and get “Oh my God” reactions from passengers. The P85+ is RWD with staggered wheels (larger in the rear) and it handles beautifully.

BATTERY: I charged to 100% for the first time recently and maxed out at 258 miles of range. That is less than 3% degradation from the original 265 mile rating!

CONDITION: Morpheus just completed two weeks of service at TESLA to ensure everything is in tip-top shape for the next owner. The drive unit was making a slight sound when I took it in, so they replaced the entire unit. Since the car was being serviced anyway, they proactively replaced an airbag and the HV battery contactors as well (there was no evidence of any problems, but VINs in this range have been known to have issues with these parts, so they just went ahead and replaced everything proactively). The rear lift gate was making a slight clicking sound, so they replaced it as well – no questions asked. The only parts of the service I had to pay for were new wiper blades and a new T badge for the rear (the car was debadged when it was wrapped). I did not add the “Model S” or “P85+” badging, because I prefer the clean look, more like the Model 3 has, but I like the Tesla T.

This car truly is in excellent condition, with only a couple of exceptions: With 3-5mm of tread left, all four tires will need to be replaced soon. The reason I did not do this during my service visit is because I wanted to let the new owner decide how to proceed. A set of tires for these 21” wheels from Tesla costs ~$1600. For not much more money, you could do what I was planning to do which is to buy a brand new set of 20” (black or gray would look awesome) wheels AND new tires. These will last longer and will be cheaper to replace when necessary. I’m happy to show you exactly what package I was planning to buy in case you like my logic. This is really personal preference, and I know a lot of people love these 21” turbines (they are beautiful) and don’t care about the tire cost, so I’m leaving this decision for the next owner to make. A couple of the wheels have light curb rash, but you can only see it upon close inspection and this could easily be fixed if you decide to keep these wheels.

The only other imperfection I am aware of is a minor “bump” in the front hood, just above (slightly to the driver’s side) the frunk latch. You literally cannot see it unless you are looking for it. I tried getting a photo of this with various angled photos of the front, and as you can see, it is barely noticeable, if at all. The light has to catch it perfectly in order for it to be visible.

CARFAX: I ran a CarFax, and it shows an accident on 2/11/15 (first owner, before being sold as CPO). All the report says is “left rear impact.” I called Tesla and they told me the car was in for service that day, but only for routine things – annual service, full inspection, and new tires. They show no record of an accident or any repair work done by them. This doesn’t mean it was an erroneous report, but they said it suggests it was only minor/cosmetic and was repaired at a body shop. The car obviously shows no signs of this accident and it didn’t affect anything else in the vehicle. I think this is a complete non-issue, but wanted to mention it here for full disclosure.

WHY AM I SELLING? I LOVE this car and have been procrastinating selling it. I was very close to getting the new wheels and keeping the car another 6 months or so, but I am honestly more of a tech guy than a car guy (I really want AP, despite it being a work in progress), so I’ve gone ahead and ordered a Model 3. That means it’s time to find Morpheus a good home - Perhaps yours…?

BONUS: I have a BlackVue DR650S-2CH (front and rear) dashcam. I plan to move it to my Model 3, but I will leave the wiring in place for you so you can plug and play a BlackVue dashcam (highly recommended), saving hundreds of dollars of install fees or several hours of your time. If you want my dashcam, add $250 and I will leave it for you and will buy a new one for myself. Set up would then be as simple as installing the app on your phone and scanning the QR code on the camera.

PRICE: I have been watching CPO and third party prices for several months, and I think this is competitively priced, far under CPO pricing and also under most of the comparable private party pricing I have seen (they usually have many more miles too). That said, feel free to make me an offer if you think my price is high. The best offer takes Morpheus home.

TIMING: Ideally, I would like to keep Morpheus until Trinity (great name for my black 3, right?) arrives. I configured on 3/7 but do not have a delivery date yet. I promise to continue to baby the car until I hand over the key fob to someone else… But yes, THE CAR IS FOR SALE NOW.

Interested insured buyers are welcome to come take a test drive any time. The Original Monroney sticker and 40 photos follow. Enjoy!

EDIT: Here is a quick video walk through - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DWYCEQRUaCc


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Thanks. I'm not in a big hurry to sell right now, but will be once I have a delivery date for my Model 3.

I'm curious - why do you think I'd have better luck on cars.com?

It's just a personal thing I guess. I NEVER trade in cars. Over the last 20 years, I resold 4 cars to get new ones (multi-driver family). I always listed the cars on at least 3 different services at the same time, mainly because it is cheap to list a car. Every one of the 4 cars sold through cars.com. Maybe just luck. And I liked the interface better. For me, Craig's List was the worse experience. Never got a legitimate offer and ran into too many scams.
It's just a personal thing I guess. I NEVER trade in cars. Over the last 20 years, I resold 4 cars to get new ones (multi-driver family). I always listed the cars on at least 3 different services at the same time, mainly because it is cheap to list a car. Every one of the 4 cars sold through cars.com. Maybe just luck. And I liked the interface better. For me, Craig's List was the worse experience. Never got a legitimate offer and ran into too many scams.

Thanks for the tips. I've traded a couple of cars in my life, because the tax savings from making the trade combined with not having the hassle of having to sell it myself was worth the negligible amount of money I'd be losing, but in this case, I think it makes more sense for me to sell private party. There is a huge difference between what Tesla offers for trades and sells CPOs for, so private party sales can be wins for both the buyer and seller.

I'll check out Cars.com and probably list this there soon. Right now, I only have it on the Tesla FSBO group on FB.
Great wrap job! Looks awesome! What is the color and brand of wrap? Interested in doing the same to mine :)

It was wrapped by the previous owner and unfortunately, he couldn't remember the name. I took it to a local wrap place to consider wrapping the nosecone, and it wasn't one of their stock options. They were going to order a sample of some specialty color from 3M (I think?) that they thought it was, but I don't recall the exact name and ended up deciding to go with just the carbon fiber accent on the top piece anyway. Sorry.

It is an awesome color though. I had always heard that matte finishes were difficult to maintain, but that couldn't be further front the truth. I love it.

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