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Late 2017 Model S Body Control Module (BCM) Location?

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I have located the BCM on Model S vehicles built up to about mid 2017, but have a RHD single motor vehicle built in Aug 2017 and the BCM is not where it usually is....which is under a protective shield in the passenger footwell.

Does anyone know where it may have been relocated to on these later models?

Note that the Sunroof Control Module is there, as is the bracket that the BCM would normally sit under, but the BCM is not there. It must have been relocated....somewhere...??
All good. I found it deep in the centre against the "firewall". Need to remove a number of components to gain access.

What I thought was the BCM in the older cars was actually the Air Suspension Control module.
i have to get one out of a 2018 model s. do ytou have an idea about how long it will take me. and also if you have a little explanation on how to get it out. thank youy
I have attached the official procedure, but can say that it's much harder than this makes it sound. The BCM is located in the lower centre section of the dash in between the 2 x steel dash supports. It is tricky to get out and took about an hour from start to finish. This includes time trying to work out which gap it would fit through and which bits needed to be removed to get it through that gap.


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Additional note: Some versions of the official procedure indicate that the BCM is behind a shield in the passenger footwell. Not sure if it's due to my vehicles being Right Hand Drive, but there's other modules behind that shield and the BCM is located where shown in the attached photo. (the steel has more surface rust than normal in this photo as it was a flooded vehicle)


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