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Latest on SentryCam with iPhone

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SentryCam is great, but hard to use, especially to view recent "events" Until Tesla provides a way of viewing camera recording on the Tesla screen, we have to rely on 3rd party apps.

Recently, there has been discussion about the vulnerability of thumb drives, as opposed to small memory cards. In addition, with the release of iOS 13 and the ability to use external media with the iPhone, much of that hassle has been solved.

I'm wondering if anyone has an up to date process for the most efficient and trouble-free way of recording videos and then watching them on your iPhone and what cards and readers were used. Thanks
You need the SentryView app! Along with SanDisk iXpand USB stick. The SentryView app allows you to watch all 4 camera angles simultaneously, as well as high speed scrubbing thru them. And then you can delete the 4 files on the fly, or even delete the block or folder too.