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Latest update (2018.10.4) wrecked camper mode

Moderator note (bmah): Edited thread title to reflect the actual software version number.

Always on climate no longer respects the settings you choose. In my case it kicks up the fans to 10 or so, which is crazy.

Anyone else have this issue?
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How about saying what the latest update is.. do you mean 2018.10.4? The latest update could change daily, and it does change depending on what car you have (yes, I know this is an X forum....).

And I've not noticed this issue. I've tried 'always on' a couple of times, and it didn't do anything. Granted, I didn't wait 30 minutes to see if it didn't turn off. :D Do you mean it immediately blasts the fans? That sounds like it hit the 'Full Heat' mode selector right next to it at the bottom.
After turning it on and making custom settings, the car turns off after a while and those settings are lost. In my case I noticed that once the car turns off the fan goes from my custom 1 setting to Max, which messes with battery life.
I also am now on 2018.10.4 and experienced this issue. I went camping this past weekend and I set temp at 68 and fan speed at 1. All the other settings I left on auto. I locked the doors on the screen, and then laid down to go to sleep. After a while (30 mins or so?) when the primary screen and the cluster screen go to sleep the fan speed immediately changed and started blowing at a much higher speed setting. Also, I think the temperature setting may have reverted to a previous setting as well, but I am not sure.

I was camping in February with a previous version of the software and this behavior did not occur.
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Anyone know if Camper Mode is behaving itself again (post 2018.10.4), and whether Model 3 is scheduled to receive Camper Mode anytime soon?

Model 3 dimensions (my measurements, FWIW): 78" length, 52" at the shoulders (armrests are the limiting factor), 38" at the feet (trunk walls are the limiting factor). This seems to call for a twin air mattress (38x72 seems to be the norm); anyone have a recommendation for a brand that works well when used in Camper Mode. Model 3 does not have the central hump that Model S campers seem to have to reckon with, if that affects your advice on a mattress solution. Thanks!