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Launch control at drag strip tree

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So at the drag strip, the tree has the first stage, then the second stage. I was wondering how people are able to use launch control at drag strips, because whenever i set off the first stage, i put it into launch mode, then I have to roll up about a foot to set off the second stage, but it will just launch if i try to move up. I'd assume people just go to the second stage then put it into launch control right after, but it takes too long for me. I was also wondering if anyone had tips on drag racing the plaid, tips and tricks would be appreciated :)
Let opponent pre-stage
Enable launch control
Usually only the first bulb may have came on by now.

On a sportsman tree that is generally all the time needed. (I am talking from my p90dl, no experience with different launch controls).
Pro tree can be difficult for launch control to enable in time. The only time I have launched on pro tree it didn't get enabled and I got a "both pedals pressed, reduced power" which ended up with a horrible launch.

This is also on the assumption you are racing the person in the other lane. If you are just ET hunting, take all the time you need to get it enabled.

Edit** just noticed you said plaid. My info is largely irrelevant for you then. Sorry.
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