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Leak from pano?

Hey guys, every time there is heavy rain and my MS is parked the next time I get into the car and drive off water falls on me from the pano roof. Has happened twice and the third time I checked before driving off and cleaned it before it fell on me!

Does anyone have this issue?
Funny thing, I was just searching the forums for this exact thing (I've read about it, but can't remember what the fix is).

First time it happened to me today, sigh yet another SvC visit....
The second day of owning my Tesla (I got home close to midnight), I sprayed it down to check for a pano leak and door seals. Sad that we have to do this, but its common in many cars. One would hope that someday, this will be put into the delivery inspection so they can spray down the car and check before giving you the keys.
I had mine leak. There was a point where it was pretty annoying. Not any more than a few drops. But it was there. The receipt says:

Concern: Customer states: vehicle panoramic roof leaks after it rains. Notices more of a leak
from driver side, however leaks on passenger side and center as well
Pay Type: Warranty
Corrections: Panoramic Roof General Diagnosis
Verified concern, performed evaluation of water ingress at pano roof assembly. located
and determined source of water ingress at mating points for front pano roof. Applied
sealant to affected areas and allowed sealant to cure. Performed water testing procedures
and verified that water ingress is no longer present after repair at this time

I noticed the gasket coming apart from the car. Before I went and after I got the car back it was glued down. I just went out and looked and it's not glued down any more. I wonder if I'll get more leaks.

Yes, I had the EXACT same thing happen to me last week after driving during a period of moderately heavy rain. I didn't get dripped on while it was raining; I got home and parked in the garage for an hour or so. It was after I had left the garage and went on my way that three drops of water hit me right in the face, right in front of my left eye. That same corner in the post above was slightly wet, just below stevem's finger. But the gasket he's pointing at was not floating at all.

Called the service center and wouldn't you know it, they responded like they had never heard of this happening and asked stupid questions like "was it parked on an incline?" "Did you open the sunroof when it was raining?" Sheesh. They finally had us come in, eyeballed it for a minute, and then told us to make a service appointment so they could address if anything needed to be sealed.
Good to hear I am not alone. I just scheduled my THIRD visit for this issue. I live in Seattle, so this is kind of a big deal. My P85D was built early January of 2015.

I get that cars have problems, and I'm not upset about it. I would take a face full of water every morning over driving anything else.

HOWEVER. When you watch the video of a Tesla being made, you have to wonder how this gets missed. They do a pretty robust water test, and everything is inspected right?
I have the same issue, that has been addressed once by the Rockville SC. It isn't fixed. It appears to be more likely to happen if I have opened to vent position and then closed it, as opposed to opening the roof wide and then closing. It just doesn't seem to seal quite right 100% of the time.

On my list for my next SC visit.
My dad's Dec 14 P85D leaks (my July does not). He took it to service and they didn't fix it. Now I need to take and push them to find the problem. My dad is the biggest Tesla fan but if they don't fix it - he will kick it to the curb (back of his garage) and it will never get driven again. Not to mention he will no longer be a Tesla fan.
My dad's Dec 14 P85D leaks (my July does not). He took it to service and they didn't fix it. Now I need to take and push them to find the problem. My dad is the biggest Tesla fan but if they don't fix it - he will kick it to the curb (back of his garage) and it will never get driven again. Not to mention he will no longer be a Tesla fan.

BTW, my car sits in a garage most of the time, and I tend to avoid driving it in bad weather, so I suspect I would be in a real bind if the circumstances were different and the car was in the elements more often. My situation allows me to reluctantly tolerate the problem until my next conveniently scheduled visit to the SC.

But as you suggest, I feel like this is a significant brand quality issue that should merit high level attention from Tesla.
I've had this "fixed" 4 times. Here is the issue:

I park outside. I park on an incline, and because of charging, the nose is slightly lower than the rear of the car. Lots of rain (and I mean lots) comes on top of the car, and eventually slowly leaks into the the Pano. Results in a few drops of water on the seat.

My solution: get weather alerts on phone, and flip the car around when it is done charging. I'm not going to keep bugging service center about it, as it seems like a design issue.

I am curious how many other cars have this issue and just don't realize it.
I will say my 2013 has had no pano problems (thankfully). However, my last two loaners did (2016 and then 2015). The 2016 first loaner poured onto my front passenger and the 2015 second loaner dropped onto me when driving in the rain. I let the Service Center know about both.
Pano roof, Door Handles, 12v Battery .. are well proven FLAWS in the car.

Even if Tesla puts a band-aid on the issue for free under warranty,
- The band-aid is not a fix
- Visiting the service center is a hassle
- It won't protect you after warranty is done
- And service centers are overloaded.

Tesla ought to do the right thing, recognize this as a flaw, engineer a solution, and provide owners with a free permanent fix.
Will Tesla do it? I am not holding my breath. And it is things like these that caused me to turn my fanboy card back in.

Tape the edges of pano roof with painters tape

Can that tape be inside, or does it have to be outside? It would look awful!

On a different note, if the water does creep in, I'm sure it is doing damage over time also. I can't wait to see the resale value of this aluminium can in 8 years. So much for "This car will run forever, fewer moving parts etc. etc."
My Dec '14 S85 developed this fun little problem this winter. (brake to a stop and water poured on my face). Took it in and SC claims the only fix necessary was unclogging the gutter drains from the roof. I was skeptical but it's been raining a lot since then and the problem has not returned.

It's worth noting that it is common for movable roofs on cars to leak a little, from time to time. Most I've had, had 'gutters' under the seams to catch any leakage and direct it away.

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