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Leaked email - plans for 6000/wk by June

Well, that is like 4K/week for 2 shifts, so if the previous goal was 5K for 2 shifts, then doesn't seem out of reach. Logistics, hopefully, can catch up to production. In this case we hit 200K in May and probably around 100K total qualify for a full tax credit.
Maybe Elon can meet his timeline goal one of these day. AWD option and white interior should be on time per delivery estimate. Not sure when exactly is Late 2018 translate to actual date/month.

Elon has stated in his tweets that when they can build 5,000 Model 3's per week, then they will start introducing complexity by building Dual Motor and other interior options, not before. Lets pray for exceeding 5,000 per week during May or June.
I love his productivity recommendations
I concur, those bullet points are spot on.

My place of employment would never be able to meet almost any of those.

The hard part with the meetings is who is deciding when “value” is or is not being achieved any more.
The hard part with acronyms is how prevalent they are in tech-speak.
Communication hierarchy and common sense can be scary things for mid-management.

Really good stuff.
Ouch...the implication of that letter is that Tesla is like EVERY OTHER BIG CORPORATION. All of those things he is railing about are classic big company problems and despite folks routinely proclaiming "Tesla is different", it looks like they have fallen into the same bureaucratic culture as every other big company (otherwise why is he trying to address them). One thing is for sure, it didn't get that way over night and it sure as heck won't correct overnight...unfortunate.
I'm still having a hard time wrapping my head around 6,000/week. That's a car every 100.8 seconds....
I keep remembering the video posted here a few days ago of cars being driven from the factory to a waiting train and thinking: that is a long walk back.

At three times the pace they are either going to hire driver/athletes or buy a bunch of segways. At least until the cars are able to navigate at least some of the trip automatically.
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If you read the mail and not just the article this is what it says

Another set of upgrades starting in late May should be enough to unlock production capacity of 6000 Model 3 vehicles per week by the end of June. Please note that all areas of Tesla and our suppliers will be required to demonstrate a Model 3 capacity of ~6000/week by building 850 sets of car parts in 24 hours no later than June 30th.

Any Tesla department or supplier that is unable to do this will need to have a very good explanation why not, along with a plan for fixing the problem and present that to me directly. If anyone needs help achieving this, please let me know as soon as possible. We are going to find a way or make a way to get there.

The reason that the burst-build target rate is 6000 and not 5000 per week in June is that we cannot have a number with no margin for error across thousands of internally and externally produced parts and processes, amplified by a complex global logistics chain. Actual production will move as fast as the least lucky and least well-executed part of the entire Tesla production/supply chain system.

By having a Model 3 subsystem burst-build requirement of 6k by the end of June, we will lay the groundwork for achieving a steady 6k/week across the whole Model 3 system a few months later.
So no, don’t expect Tesla to hit 6 k/week in June.
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