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Lease vs Buy

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Dec 23, 2017
The lease offer I received doesn't look too good to me, and Tesla won't move. Curious if I should still take it or better to buy?

Vehicle Price: $118,750
Sales tax: $10,687.50
Registration fees: $882
Total: $130,319.50

Lease offer -

For what it's worth, I decided to buy since I was getting the 8 cameras, sensors, and computer of the post-Oct 2016 (AP2). Although updates have been slow coming, I still think it was a good choice since I have free supercharging as long as I own it and, I assume, since I paid up front, I'll have FSD (even if it means updated hardware). At 15 months, I'm still under 10,000 miles (retired, no commute, so not a lot of miles). I hope to drive this vehicle for many years. Looking forward to replacing the 2nd car with a Model 3.
For Tesla, a lease is usually not very attractive when you pay msrp. The money factor is higher than the finance rate, and you do not get the full $7,500 tax benefit. The lease payment is only slightly less than if you were to finance. If it’s an inventory with discount (upwards of 10k) then it’s much better deal. We would be looking at about ~1.1k/mo for a 100D.
I purchased our first X75D w/ a MSRP of $104k. Recently picked up a 2nd XP100D with an MSRP of $164k from inventory and ended up leasing it because of the huge discount. The P1000D lease payment is almost $250 cheaper in the monthly payment. So it all depends on the car you have and if you're able to stay within the lease limits. I am planning to put about 80-90k miles on the P100 in the next 36 months. According to my calculations... it gets cheaper and cheaper as I drive more and more at the $0.25 per mile rate