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Leasing- Inductions or Gemini with aftermarket upgrade

I’m going to be leasing a LR and Im trying to decide if I add Inductions for $2k or get the Geminis and use the $2k for a set of Tsportsline Unerturbine reps (20x10) for a more aggressive stance and get better rubber than what the Inductions have...still not sure what is the best all season rubber is yet? I’m thinking if I go the upgrade route it’s going to cost me $1500 more but I get a little different look and if I avoid curbing the wheels they might have value after 3 years.

Has anyone made or thought about similar decision? Thoughts?
@trlengle always an individual decision, but I'm not sure it's a great idea to spend much in the way of aftermarket upgrades to a leased vehicle. I guess as long as you store the original Geminis and put them back on at lease end, you could probably sell your aftermarket rims and tires to recoup some of the cost. (Or reuse them yourself if possible on next vehicle.) But generally I wouldn't do anything other than simple cheap accessories for a vehicle I'm giving back in a few years.

Personally I'd probably just go induction. Bear in mind that if your residual amount is x% after y years, then you'll only be paying for 100-x% of the cost of the induction upgrade in your lease payments. You can't say the same about aftermarket rims and tires, for which you will pay for 100% of the cost.
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19” Geminis even with the caps off look small in the wheel wells. 20” Inductions all the way.
Heees an example from someone in another forum. They Plasti dipped their 19’s.


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