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Leaving the car, is this correct?

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Had the car a week now, one thing that I find odd is once I park up, put it in park, get out and the car locks once I’m far enough away - however as I get out, the stereo is still on, the wipers etc

it feels like I’m abandoning it as I’m not switching it off like in prehistoric cars.

Is this normal and I’ll just get used to it or am I missing a step?
I’m five weeks in now, and yes, it seemed very strange at first, even borderline dangerous :eek: but now it’s become second nature.

I’m just glad we haven’t got an ICE second car, otherwise I’d no doubt be doing the same with that :D
What would happen if someone jumped in before it locked, I assume it wouldnt drive?
Unless you had left one of the "credit cards" in the starting position behind the cup holder, it should not operate for the would be thief, though if he opened the door before it auto-locked, he could steal the contents.
I still tend to look round until the mirrors retract, for that reason I guess.
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