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Legitimate Door Handle Issue.

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Here's the scoop:

So my rear drivers side door handle stopped working. I noticed it one day picking my daughter up from school. Both the exterior handle and interior button stopped working. Every now and then however when I got into the car I would hear the latch randomly operate and the window would go crazy up and down and the door would go back to nothing. I put in a service request and a mobile tech came out to work on it. He seemed pretty befuddled but ultimately got the door open. It was then he found that the door window switch would not work auto up or down. The drivers door switch works fine. He worked on it a bit and got the door handle operational. He said the window needed to be calibrated and he did some other software stuff. No harm no foul I thought.

A few days later it stopped working again. I put in another service. This time they moved the service to a service center. I dropped it off on the 5th and they had it in service till the 9th. I picked it up the morning of the 10th. I was told on the phone that some wiring was wrong but the service paperwork says they changed the handle. It was indeed functional at pickup though so I assumed all was good.

Yesterday the handle stopped working again. I got into my car and heard the window going crazy and the latch popped. The handle and button do nothing again.

Its becoming a large inconvenience as I have 2 children to drive around both in car seats. My oldest goes through the passenger side and straps herself in. I reach around from the drivers seat to check the buckles and tighten as needed. Its a big PITA to be honest. Its also a pain because Tesla doesn't like to give out loaners but I cant Uber my kids around because they need car seats. Last repair I had to tell them that I was getting my own rental before they managed to find one. I would 100% call this a safety issue as there is no way to open the door if someone needs to get out quickly. I will give them another attempt at it but I fear I may have a lemon on my hands.

Has anyone had this happen? How was it fixed?

TLDR: My driver side rear door does not work and Tesla hasn't fixed it at 2 attempts so far.
Do a thorough job of documenting date/time, take video each time, etc. Send to service each time and ask for mobile service if possible when you schedule service. Include how many repair attempts that have been made so far each time.. After a few times file an arbitration case. That will magically get their attention and it will get fixed correctly.. Cincy service has been pretty bad for me.
OK for anyone still wondering I brought the car in to service again last Friday. They told me when I arrived that they were researching the issue already and think they have it solved. They basically came to the conclusion that the drivers side wiring harness is messed up and needs to be replaced. They were very accommodating this time with a loaner so I'm rocking an S until they get back to me. I'm hoping its done early this week.
OK final update for anyone who gets a similar thing.

Per the repair report they replaced the left side control module. Not the harness. This makes a little more sense as the operation was sporadic. It has lasted 2 days now exceeding all the other fixes. If it breaks again Ill update.
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