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Less than a day to go, new Blackhorse Application?

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Hoping someone can help me/put my mind at rest.

I'm picking up at 10am tomorrow, and Black Horse have sent an updated finance application that's £3,500 more (I'm assuming it's not factoring in the government grant). I didn't go through that application etc as I got my original quote back in July - which did factor in the grant.

Am I worrying about nothing, can I just ignore the new finance agreement?
I had this, a new e-mail came through from them. Called and it's because BH quote has to be the full OTR price, not including government grant. However, when Tesla was doing applications they were doing OTR including government grant.

The way BH are doing it now is exactly that - full OTR price and the downpayment is whatever you agreed + £3500 grant. It all works out the same, just different way of getting there.