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Let's Clear Things Up; How do you keep your white seats clean?

After watching many Youtube videos on it, there seems to be a conflict on several methods. To keep the points simple, below I have numbered the different methods and opinions

1. Some people say DO NOT use alcohol (6:24

2. While others like Teslatunity and Tesla Owners Online have a video on based on Marc Benton's video using Alcohol and Degreasers: (

3. Others online suggesting we shouldn't use any harsh chemicals as there is already a protective coating on the surface.

4. Other people have said Magic Eraser does the job but others have said it is harsh.

5. Then there is also others who use baby wipes or Clorox wipes as that's whats recommended by the seat material manufacturer: https://www.ultrafabricsinc.com/sites/default/files/environment/Disinfectants_3-2018.pdf

I'd like to know what's your guys thoughts and methods on cleaning your own car and what works and what doesn't!
I use Clorox Wipes on our Model X and it seems to work with no visible issues or concerns. Granted it's only been 4 months but we did spend 7,300 miles, with camping gear and supplies for 4 people, practically living and eating in it for 16 days while we drove from NY-CA-NY. A 15 minute rub down with Clorox Wipes and they're good as new.

Like you, I watched quite a few videos with numerous opinions on what works and what doesn't. At the end of they day, I guess choose your poison. It's like asking which is better, Android or iOS, Pandora or Spotify, etc... you get the idea.
Baby Wipes work fine for me. I haven’t found anything they won’t wipe off the seats. Warm water, mild soap that is white and a microfiber towel is a good second choice when you are at home.

I was worried bleach may yellow over time (no proof just an assumption) and magic erasers are super fine sandpaper which will remove the topcoat and will make the seats harder to clean over time (I have experienced this first hand on other surfaces).

If you wouldn’t use it on your paint you shouldn’t use it on your seats, that my 2¥.
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Make you life easier and ceramic coat them. I used the gyeon stuff. Clean your seats, wipe it on and let it dry.


Since doing this I pretty much just use onr at deal spray strength to clean them.

I have almost 19,000 miles on them, they look almost new (the service center stained them a bit when I brought it in for paint and panel gaps when I first purchased the car), but I got like 95% of it out.
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+1 on the Ceramic Coat and Baby Wipes
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Who said bleach was okay? Clorox is a brand name. Not an ingredient.

The coating of the seats with whatever is still at your own risk, but I can see it stopping some things from being absorbed.

If you don’t wear jeans that rub off a lot (like new ones) then the counter wipes (Clorox, etc) and water may be all you need. That’s works for me on my cream seats.

Of course for new seats and/or kids and heavy use, you may need to get more drastic. Trevor’s ceramic treatment seems to have worked well also.

(Other option is to get black seats; I still think white is too light. :D)