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Letting the car "warm up" before hard acceleration?

What is the general consensus for letting electric motors and batteries warm up as you would an ICE car? Especially on cold mornings etc.

I currently drive conservatively until the regen warning triangle and dashed lines disappear but i have no idea if this is correct protocol or not!
Doesn't work that way. ICE cars work that way. Driving more conservatively only makes your reduced regen last longer. Only thing I do before I drive hard is make sure my suspension is back to normal as I live on a dirt road. Hard acceleration with suspension on super high is not supposed to be good, which makes sense.
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A couple good accelerations with regen braking gets heat into the battery faster than letting the heater do its thing on its own. Assuming you drive an S, I can't speak to 3s. On a cold winter morning (-20C), doing a couple of quick (relatively) hard accelerations gets heat into the cabin heater too, you can feel the air temperature difference coming out of the vents.

Trust me, my car sits outside during the day when I'm at work. In winter it will often be sitting at -30C for 8 hours. I come out of work, hop in the car, off we go. No pre-heating necessary, just watch the regen for the first little bit as it's completely disabled at temps like that, accelerate at 75% or so a couple of times and the car is much happier.
I drive lightly for the first few miles and then moderately hard for the next few miles until the bearing clearances reach closer to what they'll be when hot.

Still on original front and rear DU of my P85DL at 101K miles. Know anyone else that has a Ludicrous upgraded S at 100K miles on the original DUs?