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Lights Along Lower Rim of Headlights Controlled by Range Mode

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I was wondering why my fancy DLR type lights were not turning on when driving without the headlights on and discovered that you need to turn Range Mode off to get them to come on. I think they need to be controlled separately. I was hoping to have good highway driving range and be visible to other traffic. I guess I can’t have both. Seems like a dumb design to me.

From the manual (and hands on experience):

Note: Model X has a series of lights along the lower rim of the headlights. These lights automatically turn on whenever Model X is powered on and a driving gear is engaged unless Model X is in Range Mode. These lights can not be turned on and off.
Umm. They represent a drain on the battery, so in range mode they are off along with everything else possible to turn off without compromising the use of the car
Hmm. I obviously understand what you mean. But the LED lights do not put a large drain on the battery. No more than having the stereo on - which they don’t prevent you from using. The DLRs also come on when the lights are on, no matter if you have Range Mode on or not. Also, the Model S allows you to control the DRLs, independent of the Range Mode setting.

Like other features of the Model X or S, Tesla engineers have haphazardly decide what to implement and what not. It’s obvious that they have spent little time driving and using on a daily basis a Model X (or S). I think some of them actually do not own any kind of automobile. But that’s not what this thread is about and I’ll get off my soapbox.

I did want to mention that I sent Tesla an email regarding this. Hope to hear from them soon.
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Yes! I just got a reply from Tesla:

Thank you for reaching out to Tesla Motors technical support. I will forward your suggestion to our feature request team now.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed and holding my breath. I’ll go check my car for an update soon...