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Limited ID3 tag support in Media player

Ok this is basically a negative feedback post which can at times also be valuable. What the heck is ID3? Basically it's the ability to tag music files with textual information and graphics like album art. A good website to explore on this is:


When playing music via slacker you get multi-line detail


However when playing a MP3 file you get very limited detail as shown in the next picture.


As example the same audio file on a windows phone.


I got into this as I am writing a Cd Ripper program specifically for audio books to rip books for travel as that really helps chew up the miles when listening to some murder who done it type book.

More about that in an upcoming post.

Anyway I have tried the following tags with only the TIT2 - Title tag being honored.

TIT2 - Title
TPE1 - Artist
TALB - Album
USLT - Lyrics
COMM - Comments
TCOM - Composer
TIT1 - Group
TIT3 - Sub Title
TALB - Album
TPE2 - Band
TPE3 - Conductor
TPE4 - Remixed by
TCOP - Copyright
TPUB - Publisher
TENC - Encoded by
TEXT - Lyricist
TSST - Set subtitle
TOPE - original Artist
TOLY - original Lyricist
TMCL - Musician credits list
I don't know their IDs according to the standard, but mine recognizes my music tagged with Artist / Album / Song. In other words, it'll display for example: Foo Fighters / Wasting Light / A Matter of Time. It'll also display album art, but not the art that's embedded in the file. It uses the Artist / Album to go fetch the art from Gracenote (I think) using the cellular connection.

Also, be aware that when in the Media Player's folder view, most (all?) ID3 tags are ignored.
ID3 tags are only recognized on USB media if you play by "Song List View", if you play by folder, they are ignored on both screens and try to cram the filename onto the first line. Shabby and embarrassing to mess something so simple up which means it just wasn't a priority. Apparently naming the car took precedence. We need a good Winamp port....