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Little Things

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The more I look at this car, the more it amazes me. Sure there are the things that everyone sees right away about it and they have been discussed at length. In the last few days, I have had the frunk liner out and can really look in detail at all the engineering that went into this car.

But then there are the little things---details that really set this car apart. Not that most people would notice or care (unless crazy like me). Ever looked under the dash in a car? Usually its just a big hole with wires, components, brackets, etc. just hanging there out of sight. The carpet just kind of stops at the top and is sort of stuffed behind something so it won't fall down. Now look under the passenger side of your model 3. The bottom of the dash is completely covered with a removable panel held on with four push-pins. Even if you remove them, the panel is still held with clips so it won't rattle. The carpet is trimmed above the panel and goes behind the side panel and console for a perfect fit. While you are down there, open the glove box. Notice the little spring loaded flap on the top of the box that you can only see when looking up from the bottom. Not only does it keep you from seeing anything behind the glove box, it prevents anything small that you put in there from falling behind the box to be lost for all eternity. I've never seen something like this on any other car I have owned regardless of price. Like I said---little things and details really set this car apart.