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Little too excited for summer.

Had broken wrist/surgery. on the couch all winter, finally able to do stuff. removed the plow from the mower that had not been used all winter. So I had zero practice remembering that without the mowing deck on, there is no 200+lbs down low to stabilize this thing... so now my arse hurts in addition to my wrist. 30 odd years of riding mowers, this was a first!


Luckily mower body work is easy. it's the same color plastic all the way through! (the way car bumpers should be).
The plastic support broke, so I ripped that off, drilled a hole and stuck a stainless bolt through to hold the hood on. Good 'nuff!
Even the headlights still work! magic eraser got most of the scuffing. some 2,000 grit wet sanding made it look solid. lol.

Used a snow blower all winter, don't think I'll be using the plow w/this thing again...