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Live downtown and worried about parking my Model X in the garage

I'm really hoping I will have no issues with opening the falcon doors in my garage. I live in downtown Chicago and the our garage parking spaces are very tight. I'm not worried about the height, just how wide they will go. We'll have to see.

Model X #4164
Yes. The whole reason they are "falcon wing" and not "gull wing" is that they articulate so they don't go "out" when they lift. And they say they will have sensors so they won't open into the ceiling. Though I wonder about some garages that have pipes and things sticking down.

Joys of being an early adopter :)
check out the latest on the "Mule sightings" thread and there is a video posted of the FWD in action. Specs will come during or after the launch event, but this new video will give you an idea. Not sure how close to production this particular mule is in the video (door had to be nudged closed), but just enjoy seeing this bad boy in action, regardless. It gives a decent perspective.