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Live stream of event?

Anyone know if the event will be streamed live? If so, where?

Reno Gazette promised live coverage, but so far it's crickets....

See Tesla Model X launching Tuesday, RGJ reporting live from event

There is an event going on, but it's much smaller and lower key than the "D" unveil they had last fall.

A friend with a Model S was able to get me into that event. He's at the "X" delivery event but barely managed to get himself invited.
it's gonna be 5 a.m. though. ;-) I'll wake up at 5:30 a.m. on Wednesday, since Elon will be late anyways, as always.
Yeah I really hope he is not going to do that this time... Having said that, I'd much rather stay up waiting from 5 to 5:30 than 4 to 4:30. Thank God I am "on vacation" this week, studying at home, so no work for me on Wednesday. That should make this easier.

PS: and yeah, part of my decision to take this week off as opposed to a later date was due to the X event. Oh well, that kool-aid is rather tasty.