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Living with 120v at colder temperatures

Thought I'd give an update on winter charging when all you have is NEMA 5-15.
We stayed at a lodge east of Algonquin Park Ont. where all they had was 120v. We were able to not have to drive (and wait!) at a destination charger as in early Feb with Covid there is not much you could do there-either walk around or read/play games in you car. We arrived at our cabin with a warm battery having driven for 3hrs and supercharged from 23-81% in Bancroft. Plugged in immediately upon arrival. Open voltage120v dropped to 116v once drawing 12a, so not a bad connection. Range mode off the entire trip.
In the summer I can charge ~1.4%/hr. Around freezing=~1.2%/hr. Around -10o/-15o=1.0%/hr. Around -20o/-25o=0.8%/hr.
Each day we would go hiking so we would leave with charge in the ~80s%, be away from charging for 3-5hrs and return with charge in the ~60s%.
*****Of note on our drive home it was -5o snowing with slush. I found myself using 230+ W/km at 80km (then 70kmh) when normally I would be using <180-190 W/km at that speed in winter. We stopped and cleared a bunch of hard snow out of the left rear and right front tires. Our consumption then dropped to the 190s. So check you wheel wells if you find your range dropping too quickly.*****