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Loan from dealership

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Hey guys,

Really interested in getting a MX as I put in my last thread. The wife has been sold so she is happy and now just in the process of getting deposit together to buy.

One thing however I wouldn’t mind doing to see the practically of how it works for us as a family. I’ve read a few threads of people being loaned a Tesla over the weekend. Is this something we do in the UK or is just something that is available in the US? Has anyone else had this offered in the Uk?
You might get a better response in the Europe - UK forum. This might end up getting pushed to the bottom on the main forum.
The UK and Ireland

As for the loaner, even in the US it's dependent on the SC. If you have a referral it makes it easier; my SC reaches out ~1/mo asking if I have any referrals that would be interested in a overnight test drive. The same SC has also denied people I know who just walked in overnight test drives. So it really depends; perhaps on the OA, how busy they are, etc.

I would say to contact your OA again and be honest. Tell them you love the car and that you still have reservations and would like an overnight test drive to make sure the car meets your needs.