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Loaner Cars


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Oct 9, 2013
They vary a lot - and sometimes folks get stuck with ICE rentals when the loaners run out, but Tesla has long had a policy of trying to make the loaners top tier Teslas. The only one I've had so far ended up being a P85+ on 19" all weather tires that were in no way up to the task. It was fun. :) (But I missed the massive view and filters and quiet of my X.)
I've been getting everything from 2012 Signature P85s, S85s, 85Ds, P85+, S60, and about a week ago I got a fully loaded Model S P100D with AP 2.0 and Ludicrous mode.

I asked a tech at my local SvC and they told me that they received a lot of P100Ds as loaners but they all disappeared because of people trading in their old cars and purchasing the new loaners. He told me I was one of the lucky few that got one of the remaining P100Ds.

Upon returning the P100D loaner, my S85 has never felt so sluggish ;)
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Currently I am driving a loaner, 2013 (?) P85 VIN < 15000. Slower than my P85D but in some ways more fun.
Interesting but not surprising that it has noticeably less regen than my dual motor vehicle.
My 7 year old loved sitting in the seat in the 3rd row. I don't have that option. My 10 year old couldn't fit.
It has a spoiler which looks better than I expected; I can hear a low hum at speed that I haven't yet figured out spoiler, wheels, motor, other? When I hit reverse, the side mirrors tilt down MORE than mine (they have to be aftermarket or retrofits). No hill hold, and the brakes are different (I guess that's because of the iBrake in mine and old-fashioned hydraulic brakes in the loaner). Nice to see the old instrument cluster layout. Rear tire is slightly out of balance.

Tesla and the previous owner/driver didn't zero out the computer. I can see where they last guy lives, works, etc. His favorite stations, and what he named the car (RD - you out there?) I will reset the computer before I turn it in.

I never heard of the web site quick Tesla. Anyone here know of?
I have been driving a brand new (130 miles) X 100D. They have my S60 for 10 days now, and since they haven't called me yet, I expect to keep the loaner another week end :) 700 miles on it now, we took family trips :)

They are waiting for a seatbelt replacement part. and they made me drop my car last Tuesday saying it was ready :)

I am not complaining, let's swap cars and call it a wash, Elon
They physically travel farther down than yours, or they were just adjusted differently for reverse (which is a customizable setting)? Could be one of the many small changes that Tesla does that we aren't aware of (i.e. Tesla changed suppliers at some point)
Can't actually calibrate, so can't be 100%. I am however unusually observant of sometimes small details.

However, I set the mirrors for myself to the point that I was seeing what I usually see. Then, next day I backed into my garage (which is unusual, my wall charger is by the door so I typically go in front first. But the spoiler looks cooler back first, so that's what I did yesterday). As I was backing in the passenger side mirror tilted so far that I really saw the ground next to the rear wheel MUCH better than usual, but couldn't see where the rear fender flair could have rubbed against the door jamb. Stopped, put in park, mirror tilted back up, saw I was fine, resumed backing in.
So my S is in for service and I was given a P85D with Ludicrous Mode as a loaner car. Can you say awesome?!

I may never give my car back... What kind of loaner cars do they typically provide? Is this normal or did I get super lucky?
apparently this is something new, it is marketing or a tease to owners of "lesser" teslas to make them think about upgrading.
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Oct 9, 2013
apparently this is something new, it is marketing or a tease to owners of "lesser" teslas to make them think about upgrading.

Not new, and absolutely an attempt to upsell. Tesla was quite open about it when they introduced the loaner program, even talking about easy ways of doing a delta payment for the difference between your current car and the loaner you're keeping (I'm not sure they ever managed that.)


22’ M3 LR - ‘The Dark Night’
Nov 28, 2015
Just received a 15' P85D loaner with insane not ludicrous vs my 16' 90D and I have to say the difference 0-60 is quite noticeable...not as much 60-80. Reduction in battery range for power would not be my wife's choice.

That blood to the back of the brain feeling is quite addictive lol although not sure how medically safe!

Making me think abt a P90D or dare I say P100...

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