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Loaner S 75, quick thoughts from an S 70 driver


New electron smell
Aug 23, 2015
San Francisco, CA
My car is at the service center for a few days. They hooked me up with one of those white Model S 75s from Enterprise. Those are newish base cars.
Coming from a base Model S 70, this is an incremental upgrade, and am perfectly fine with that. I'd rather not taste the P100DL life, thank you very much. Too dangerous for my bank account. ;-)

Thoughts on differences, aside from lack of remote access in the app or the absence of a sunroof:

Premium Upgrades/Powered lift gate (I don't have that, but did upgrade lighting with Abstract Ocean)
  • That lift gate is very handy when loading/unloading things.
  • It'd be nice if it auto-closed after a time-out, or had the foot wavy thing.
  • Man, interior lights are weak, can't see a thing in the trunk. AO for the win.
  • Nice to have, but confirms my choice to use the money for other options.
Smart Air Suspension (I have coils)
  • Nice to have
  • Helps with my garage entrance, but that is about it.
  • One concrete highway induced a vibration that had our heads bouncing rapidly. Not cool, mine did not do that in same spot. Small sample size, ymmv.
  • Confirms I made the right choice.
Next gens seats (I have the base textile ones)
  • Nicer than mine
  • More bolstering
  • Has headrest adjustment, did not try it, busy driving, see last section below...
Is it just me, or is this thing faster than mine?
  • But this is a 75, is it not the exact same power?
  • I definitely feel a difference when gunning it.
  • Was that tire squeal on launch?
  • And that felt like wheel hop or something...
  • Feels “alive” way past 30 mph, which I enjoy out of a RWD car.
  • Oh, wait: it's uncorked!
  • Ok, if you can uncork and have not already, DO IT. Now.
No Autopilot (I have AP)
  • No amount of tugging on the third stalk...
  • Or messing in settings gets me any Autopilot love.
  • I guess it only has radar cruise control. That would be fine.
  • It will soon slow down for this car in front.
  • Right?
  • Righhh...
  • Wow, this is horrible
  • No AP, no lane keeping, no radar cruise control. No summon.
  • This sucks, waaaaaa-waaaaaa!
  • Am driving myself all the time, like a chump.
  • #firstWorldProblems
Hope you enjoyed this change of pace from whatever else you were up to. :)
I've only had the luxury of 2013 service loaners. I do highly envy the power liftgate (bummed it became standard a few months after taking delivery), and I really envy the massive frunk (I put in the HEPA filter since I didn't get PuP but I would have taken a frunk large enough for pizzas any day). I played around with Smart Air Suspension but don't really care for it. I did get a P85 once or twice, which left me envious that the S75 RWD isn't eligible for performance uncorking (I wish I had gotten the 75D, but really have no need for the D).

On the other hand, I had a 2018 Cadillac CTS for a Hertz rental recently (nice free upgrade from a Corolla, minus having to pay for premium gas). I found myself mainly missing having the rear view camera always on and obviously TACC/AP, but I REALLY liked the driver's seat vibrating in lieu of beeping for parking sensors, cross traffic alert was awesome, and real blind spot monitor lights were quite convenient.
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But this is a 75, is it not the exact same power?
Most 75D's got "uncorked" at the end of last year, and of course all new ones made since already come uncorked. The uncorking makes them 1s faster 0-60mph than before (>100hp unlocked, so also evident in highway driving). Non-D 75's made before the uncorking did not get the upgrade, but once made after the announcement did. If your rental was a newer S75, then it is definitely faster than your S70 - it's not just a feeling. Current 75's are very close to 100's in terms of acceleration (official 0-60mph puts S75D only 0.1s slower than S100D).