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Location and fix of rattles in new m3p


Mar 16, 2021
To start of the post I picked up the model 3 performance on March 30th. Surprising my exterior build quality was phenomenal but my interior had some noticeable rattles all around the car. Going from my BMW 750 that was my daily driver to then my M5 for a couple months while I waited for the M3P as me new daily, the rattles were driving me a little crazy. So I did what any sensible person would do and tore the car apart in search of my rattles lol. Hopefully new and old users could benefit from this. Because now the only noise inside the car is from the wind and tire noise from the 2 front wheels.

I included 4 pictures of where 99% of the rattles in my car came from.

picture 1 is the door panels, this relates to all 4 doors. Inside the door panels we have multiple clips that are loose inside of the housing the rest. My fix was to wrap the connection in electrical tape which made the fit snug. Looking at the front doors there’s another clip that has some play around the location where the tweeters are.

the tweeter speakers had some play so I put a tiny drop of super glue on the plastic clips that hold it in place.

the seatbelt adjuster had some minor rattle so I used a small amount of felt tape to stop the rattle

picture 2 is the speaker on the A pillar. This speaker was rattling like crazy for me so I put felt tape where the clips were touching the metal.

now we get to where the hidden rattles were that after sitting in the backseat as the wife drove over bumps I was able to pinpoint the location of the remaining rattles.

picture 3 is in the backseat above each window. Not sure what pillar it is. I circled the location of the 2 clips behind the trim. These 2 clips have so much play the sounded like coins rattling around. I again used felt tape until no matter how much movement happened in the car I had no remaining rattle. I did the same process on both sides.

underneath the rear seat there are 3 plastic clips holding wires. The clips bounce and move as the car moves and that movement causes them to rattle against the frame of the car. I circled where the 3 clips are and again I used felt tape all around the sections until no matter how much the clips moved no noise was being heard.

if anyone has anything else they would like to add please feel free to include.

I hope some of you find this helpful even tho I didn’t remove the panels and trim pieces to show exact locations


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Mar 16, 2021
Still trying to find/stop rattle at bottom area of A pillar on driver’s side. It comes and goes.
Check these 2 locations on your exterior that are known to be loose and cause rattles. The trim that covers the a pillar air flow on my driver side was super loose so I pushed it down.

I had the A pillar rattle and I checked up and down until I was able to track it to behind the speaker


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Mar 16, 2021
Also to add if anyone has marks or dirt on the headliner use 91% or above rubbing alcohol on a white cloth. Gently pat the area until clean and the rubbing alcohol dries leaving a nice clean surface. How I cleaned my headliner after doing all the work.
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2 more spots to check for rattles. These 2 spots are located in the back of the car.
The 1st of you pull the backseat down on the driver side you’ll notice if pressing where my finger is there’s a metal plate and a plastic cover at that location. In my car the metal plate was properly welded to the car which caused rattling anytime the car moved. I fixed this issue by rolling, like a cigarette, felt tape and pushed it into the cavity. I removed the plastic cover.

the 2nd noise came from the clip that holds the outer trim that sits against the top part of the rear seat. Located to the side of the seat belt. The clip is big and has a ton of play so I used felt tape around the clip to secure it tightly.


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On the door, when you say clips, do you mean the ones that hold the door card on along with the 3 screws?
So once you remove the panel off, the clips hold the wires that run all inside the door panel. Throughout the door to hold the connections in place Tesla placed clips that hold the connectors. Those clips maintain the connectors in place but the connectors move due to the amount of play. The fix is to wrap the connectors with electrical tape so when you put it back onto the clip it’s nice and snug and with the electrical tape that removes any contact points. That’s a common issue with how Tesla puts the cars together. It’s not just where the wires go onto clips it’s where the trim snaps into place those clips are loose and cause rattles throughout the car.
Thanks for taking the time to post your experience james912; will undoubtedly assist others in the quest to rid their M3 of interior rattles and squeaks.
If it wasn’t such a pain to redo all the steps I did, I’d go back and take pictures to show exact locations and what I did. The biggest source of the noise seems to be lose connectors and/or clips. Apart from the wind noise that if there’s a crosswind it sounds like you have all the windows open lol. That’s my next thing to attack is how to minimize the noise coming from the front wheels which I have been looking at how my BMW goes about doing it.


Apr 20, 2021
Dash speaker grill is notorious for rattles as well...especially on driver's side (US).
I just got my Model 3 a few hours ago. I seem to have a rattle in the area under the screen. I can't feel anything loose while driving, and gosh be darned, the rattle stops as soon as the car stops :) (actually, below 30 MPH on smooth roads)
I searched around and saw someone suggest the bottom of the phone tray, and now I see this suggestion.
I'm brand new with the car and not ready to rip it apart, so can you suggest what I should look for, and where, as well as DIY fixes.


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Dec 25, 2020
Dallas, TX
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My garage door opener's metal (sunvisor) clip was rattling.
Now car is blissfully quiet.

I usd a command strip to mount my old school "clicker" to the driver side door pocket. No clip rattle, however the remotes buttons now rattle, especially with the musics bass! I'd drop the $300 just to get the HomeLink, but then I'd just be on chasing the next one, and the next...

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Rattles on these econoboxes are sadly within spec. And as the plastics inside the car age, endure seasonal temperature swings, fastners get reused with any trim removal/replace and cabin hunting (for any project), the rattles just keep coming.

Embrace the rattles and NVH uptick with each year and another 10-20-30K miles you rack up.
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