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Locked out, then car mysteriously unlocked itself after 5 minutes

Last week I got locked out, I dropped my son off at school and he went inside. I left my keys and phone in the car. Both were in the center console. After panicking for a 2 minutes, I decided to walk home and get the other set of keys. After walking a block, I turned around to check the car one more time before it was out of sight, and the car unlocked itself.
So I walked back to the car and drove home. The car was locked for about 5 minutes, and with no change, it just unlocked itself. I replaced the FOB battery 2 months ago, and have not gotten any low battery warnings.

Is my FOB dying ?

I went ahead and put another new battery in the FOB today, but just nervous now, and try to make sure I keep my phone or my keys in my pocket.

The car should never lock with the fob inside. It will pull the handles in but the car remains "unlocked" and should present the handles if you press them. Did you try that?

If so, and the handles were unresponsive, seems plausible your fob is dying, yes.
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