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Locking / unlocking with phone proximity

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I don't have my 3 yet, so I have a question regarding the phone locking / unlocking functionality. When doing work around the house, I'll often go in & out of the garage several times to get stuff with my phone in my pocket. When I get my Model 3, does this mean the car will wake up and lock / unlock every time I come within range? Also, my bedroom where I keep my phone at night is directly above my garage; will this cause the car to remain awake all night?

If I choose to, is it possible to turn off the proximity feature?

You can turn off the proximity feature. I forget what the exact setting is but I have it set so that if the phone is close and anyone tries to open any of the doors or the trunk, everything unlocks, the car wakes up and the mirrors unfold. But as long as no one touches anything it just sits there.
It used to unlock and unfold the mirrors every time you walked by, but they changed that in a software update a few weeks ago. Now it unlocks when you press a door handle. Much less annoying that way. It currently does not change profile based on phone or card; you have to do that manually. Hopefully that will change in a future update.
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