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Logical Anton

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not it. But my favorite one of his comments so far:

"Actually, its even better than that. Tesla, as we speak, is deploying over 19,000 separate internal combustion engine on the desert floor, each hooked up to an individual generator, to provide electricity to the gigafactory. Its much more efficient than a single coal fired plant. Less emissions too. Because....you know.... there is no way the gigafactory would be able to operate at night if it relies on solar panels. You would need a lot of batteries to do that." http://seekingalpha.com/news/2629375-tesla-motors-increases-land-holdings-in-nevada
for the uniniated, it seems to be a spoof on "logical thought" who has been short TSLA since before the $140's and lower (hedge fund) and Anton W, a writer in the auto industry, whom is also short TSLA, wrote an article for "Electric auto assoc" magazine about gasoline powered Teslas. clickbaiters all
Ugh. I've been successfully avoiding SA for many months ... don't give me a reason to start reading that @#*@#!! again!

TMC Forum's investing information is order of magnitudes more useful than SA. I go there instead of going to the funny pages....if anyone seriously makes an investment decision based on the FUD on SA, they deserve the outcome.