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Long shot: third party simulator to compare SDG&E rate plans

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SDG&E has their own rate plan simulator. But it only works if you’ve had service for a year, with no significant changes in usage. I recently purchased my house, added solar and am about to take delivery of a Model S LR. So the SDG&E simulator can’t help.

Looking for a third party simulator that would allow me to input estimated usage and generation so I can compare rate plans. I tried googling but struck out.

Anyone know if this kind of tool exists?
it really varies between households, that's why the simulator needs the history. factors like how much energy you use throughout the day, every day in different months, seasons, etc, how your household responds to the change in weather (some people run AC all the time, or when it gets mildly warm, or only when it's 100+) also power generated from solar fluctuates throughout the seasons, and your consumption may vary especially now that you will be using an EV.

what rate plans are you trying to compare? is it just tiered vs time of use? it all comes down to how much electricity you use during the day and how much you can defer till night. usually EV users switch to TOU rates because they can fill up at considerable lower night time rates than even 1st tier energy usage. Plus having TOU and solar lets you sell back electricity during the day when 1) you are generating and 2) rates are higher, then allow you to buy it back at night when rates are 1/3rd the price.
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@forkee thanks for the reply.

We don’t use much electricity for the majority of the year. Before considering electricity generated, I would guess we are below baseline for coastal San Diego from November - June. But July - October we may be 150% of baseline due almost entirely to the AC.

Most of our summer use is after 9 pm.

I plan to charge our first EV during the super off peak time frame. If all goes well we will add a second EV sometime next spring, and charge during the same time period (alternate each night). I’m expecting to drive about 12k miles on each car.

Even with the heavy use of AC, we are currently generating an extra 80kwh per week.

I think we will be better off with a TOU plan. I’m just not sure which one.

SDGE currently has us on TOU-DR1-residential.
I haven’t found a simulator that considers all the different SDGE plans, but I made some excel sheets.

Generally speaking, a TOU-5 plan is ideal for non solar because of the super off peak rates that go through the weekend and holidays. If you have a Tesla powerwall then go TOU5 because you can store solar and use that energy at opportune times.

Tou5 is awesome. The dollar difference between flatter TOU plans and the tou5 is relatively immaterial to be honest if you have solar.
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